Packaging for fresh fruit: protecting the produce and the environment.

Among the foodstuffs that require specific packaging, fruit and vegetables are certainly one of the most complex and demanding types wich, due to their delicacy, require special care for transport and storage. Among the factors to be evaluated for the realization of the best packaging for fruit and vegetables, certainly there are some of greater importance, which contribute to maintaining and guaranteeing the arrival of the product to the consumer in all its freshness.

Fruit and vegetables, especially in large-scale distribution, can come from different parts of the world such as tropical varieties like coconut, mango, papaya, avocado. But even the most common produce often travel hundreds of kilometers to reach the point of sale on the destination market. The transport conditions the packaging methods, which must be able to preserve the freshness of the produce and guarantee the integrity from the moment of harvesting up to the consumption one.

A product destined to travel for a long time (maybe even facing incorrect handling and temperature changes that increase the probability of mechanical stress) needs a specific packaging that allows to reduce waste and optimize investments, bringing the highest number of products intact and fresh to their destination.

A good packaging not only extend the shelf life, but allows the consumer to prolong as much as possible the conservation of the product in his own refrigerator of home, improving the consumption experience, decisive for renewing the purchase of the same product over time.

Fruit packaging

Packaging for fresh fruits can be made, according to necessity, by a tray or in general a rigid support able to protect the contents from shocks and mechanical damages. Soft and very delicate fruit such as strawberries and raspberries must in fact be protected from the risk of being damaged by accidental blows, by the weight of other heavier products that could crush them even during storage.


These rigid components can be completed with flexible elements (for example shrink film or flow pack) which serve to protect the product from external agents and which today are increasingly made with sustainable and 100% recyclable or compostable material; these components are then macro perforeted to make the product transpire and keep it fresh for as long as possible.

Packaging can therefore be customized with color prints, to create the ideal packaging not only for preserving the product, but also for communication and marketing needs!

The consumer wants to know a lot of information on the produce such as the origin, quality and conservation methods, but it is equally important to satisfy the need for sustainability by communicating that the packaging is recyclable or compostable and has a low environmental impact, and to provide the necessary information to the consumer for proper post-consumer disposal.

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