Thinkersoup at the first European Packaging Forum

Packaging is a strategic factor for the integrity of the product, its safety and traceability, for the ability to guarantee the shelf life and it also affects the perception of the quality of the content; the first impact on the consumer in fact arises from the appeal of the packaging on the shelf.

Thinkersoup was born out of this awareness.

A spin-off of the SID – Scuola Italiana Design, and based at the StartCube (the incubator owned by the University of Padova, Italy), Thinkersoup is a startup specialized in packaging design for both fresh and processed fruit & vegetables: a team of designers, packaging experts and marketing consultants ready to support both fruit and vegetables producers and packers.

European Packaging Forum, June 5th 2019

For its sectorality and the declared commitment in creating eco-sustainable solutions, Thinkersoup was invited to participate as a speaker at the first European Packaging Forum organized by Agrarmarkt IG and Fruchtandel Magazin, held in Düsseldorf on June 5th, 2019. A chance to talk about recycling processes, packaging-free alternatives, new materials and marketing, in light of the recent increase in public awareness regarding packaging and the environemental pollution, the European bans on disposable materials and the need to enhance waste management.

Mr. Alessandro Ferraresso, Account Manager of the startup, introduced Thinkersoup to the participants of the Forum by raising an issue: it’s essential to communicate through packaging, but it is also necessary to communicate about packaging itself.

Packaging is used for a number of very good reasons: to extend the shelf life of the produce, to improve the efficiency of production and logistics, to ensure health, hygiene and traceability and of course to make the product more beautiful, interesting and captivating.


Rational, responsible and fresh.

For an agency deeply involved in communication like Thinkersoup, it is essential to deal with the growing demand for more sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. For this reason, together with its partners, Thinkersoup developed three principles of approach to design: rational, responsible, fresh.

Rational packaging, Mr. Ferraresso noted, is more than just practical. The market (and the consumer) will be increasingly unfriendly to unnecessary packaging, hence Thinkersoup’s commitment to reduce packaging to a minimum without compromising its function.

In order to be responsible, packaging must at least to some extent be recyclable, compostable or made from recycled material, but that’s not enough: all these features must be effectively communicated to the consumer, because only communication makes these peculiarities tangible and real.

A new, “fresh” package is visually stunning and emotionally engaging, but it’s also honest about itself. It rejects combinations of materials that would deceive consumers, when the alternative might be less attractive but more earth-friendly.


Thinkersoup’s mission

Therefore, Thinkersoup’s mission goes beyond communication: it embraces a constant commitment to provide useful information to the final consumer. “We believe,” Mr. Ferraresso added, “that packaging becomes extremely relevant when it comes to educating people. Rational, responsible and fresh packaging is not a threat to the environment, it’s in fact a great opportunity to educate, involve and empower consumers, to teach them how to be part of the recycling process, emphasizing their decisive role in such process.”

Thinkersoup’s means to achieve this goal are varied and constantly evolving, starting from simple and immediate communication through graphics, to advanced technologies such as chatbots built inside social media messaging platforms (such as Facebook or Snapchat Messenger) that allow the maximum degree of interactivity, and that are proposed as an effective tool to involve the Z generation, increasingly sensitive to the environmental issue, in mentoring their families on the dos and don’ts of post-consumption disposal of packaging.

Mr. Ferraresso ended his speech by pointing out that what we’re experiencing is not a temporary trend, but the first step of a revolution that will change the face of the industry in the years to come, inviting the Forum’s participants to embark on this journey alongside Thinkersoup.


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