I’m Green™

One of the biggest challenges in the current world is the search for sustainable solutions that can replace plastic materials, whether they are thermoplastic, thermosetting or elastomers. We refer in particular to polyethylene (PE). One of the most important studies in recent years has been conducted in Brazil, the world’s leading sugar cane producer and the second largest in ethanol. These studies have generated a new material

Green Polyethylene

thanks to product research such as Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Water Footprinter, which have defined a new standard of sustainability in the production of plastic material. In the production phase of polyethylene, the fossil-based component has been replaced by ethanol coming from sugar cane processing together with sugar.

In the packaging world this material is a valid substitute both for the flexible and rigid pack, in addition to the added value of being a 100% recyclable bio-based material. Today, the I’M Green ™ PE is already used in sectors that range from food to beverage to cosmetics and personal care, from home care to retailing.

At the end of its life cycle, green polyethylene can be recycled in the same chain already developed for conventional polyethylene. These studies were conducted by Braskem, a Brazilian company leader in the production of thermoplastic resins, which, thanks to the desire to develop sustainable solutions to improve lifestyle and the relationship between man and the environment, has created I’m Green ™ PE.


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