More than just visual!

To make your product more visible on the shelf of points of sale, it is necessary to give an added value to the packaging and capture the attention of the final consumer by stimulating more than just one of his senses.

The tactile sensation, as well as the visual impact, acts on the customer’s decision to purchase a product.

Now a day, tactile packaging is a worldwide trend and a lot of companies look at it with interest. It is scientifically proven that the sense of touch plays a key role in packaging; in fact, there are a lot of studies prove that consumers are more inclined to buy when they have touched the object.

The tactile solutions of the packaging invite you to touch first and hold it in your hands then, influencing positively on the desire to purchase the product thanks to the pleasant tactile sensation given to the package. The packaging that inspires this kind of reaction makes a brand more recognizable, and reinforces the memory, increasing the conversion rate, sales and profitability.


The paints are the protagonists in creating tactile effects.

Satin and soft touch paints are widely used first of all because they create a refined feel to the touch, but also because they have a matte finish that is perfect to enhance any polished details and, not least, they create a better interaction of the packaging with the lighting of the shelves, reducing the reflected light for a better visibility. The product packaged with this kind of materials and paints appears more artisanal and less industrial and consumers are even more sensitive to these characteristic: it’s what they look for!

The use of tactile effects has grown a lot in these years, because they give very intense emotions to our brain: it is demonstrated that the sense of touch leads to the activation of particular neurons that cause a sensation of pleasure, increasing the propensity to purchase as a consequence of tactile gratification.

To renew the packaging of your produce following the new market trends and to increase your brand’s visibility and sales, contact us! Thinkersoup will realize for you and with you the best solutions for your new packaging for fruit and vegetables, to tell the consumers the attention and care in the cultivation of your produce through the packaging.


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