The perception of biological origin of the produce

Ok, you know: packaging is a fundamental element for the perception that the consumer develops of the product packaged inside.

In particular, which elements of the packaging design communicate to the consumer that the product contained it’s organic? The purpose is always the same: to lead the purchasing decision.

When we talk about packaging design we talk about communication, and visual stimuli (as well as, more and more often, tactile ones) are the main channels by which packaging can “talk” to the consumer.

Not only textual elements!

Consumers often relate “organic food” with the concept of healthy and of “Italian origin”. It is clear that in reality “biological” does not necessarily and implicitly mean “Italian”, and the same can be said for the Italian = biological association; however, according to recent studies that have directly involved consumers in many different points of sale of Italian supermarkets, a product with a packaging that highlights the 100% Italian origin of the raw materials is more quickly associated to the concept of organic cultivation.

Although it’s necessary the Euro-leaf, the symbol that guarantees the respect of no less than 95% of biological processes in cultivation, a large part of consumers does not dwell on the presence of this element in first few seconds of interaction with the packaging on the shelf, thus giving secondary importance to what is considered to be the only tangible indicator of “organic” for a fruit and vegetable produce.

Instead, people use in a more instinctive way, a sort of visual recognition to more easily identify the biological products displayed on the shelf, which goes beyond symbols and textual elements. It could be concluded that consumers expect the concept of organic to be represented through a particular set of visual elements above all colours; only later will we proceed with the analysis of the writings and symbols on the package.

A packaging that wants to communicate the values ​​of an organic product has proved particularly effective if made with certain choices including: shades of soft green and matt, flanked by shades of beige to replace white, and the presence of the brand in the version adapted to shades coordinated with these colors.

The presence of the word “Bio” or the presence of the Euro-leaf symbol does not seem to immediately affect the perception of the values ​​of organic cultivation, but rather the entire design of the package, declined with the colors closest to the traditional and natural sensation.


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