Packaging aesthetics

Packaging is one of the most important marketing levers, especially in a highly competitive sector like fruit and vegetables.

It is related with respect to the product, distribution and communication: it’s not only a protection for the content, but it is a fundamental communicative element for the product and for the company that made it.

An original and innovative pack can increase the perceived value of a product, making it more visible and more desirable than the others of the same kind on the shelf.

Packaging plays a fundamental role in creating value: fruit and vegetable produce are widely marketed in large scale distribution, and here the competition is really high. In this context it is necessary, first of all, to stand out in order to emerge, but also to send a message that manages to strike the emotional sphere of the consumer.

The concept of the pack thus becomes a central element in the development of positioning strategies, as it is studied with reference to a specific target. Like any communication tool, packaging is the vehicle for the brand image.

The packaging is also the protagonist in the so-called “Special Edition”, a real communicative event capable of entering the memory and the imagination of the consumer; a special, precious, limited edition pack for particular moments and recurrences of the year, unique and available for a limited period.

Packaging communicates the uniqueness of the product.

The numbers and statistics bear witness to the growing importance of packaging: the turnover of industry, only for the European market, exceeds 3.5 billion euros.

In addiction, there are many events related to this business: on May 2019  “Packaging Premiere” will be held in Milan, an international show dedicated to the packaging universe that offers space for experimentation and innovation and helps managers and producers to understand trends, accelerating decision-making times to allow companies to reach the market first.

See you there!

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