The informative and formative role of packaging

The most attentive consumer is always looking for information on how the product was made and how it is used


Food packaging has many roles, including facilitating the storage and transport of food products and fruit & vegetable produce. And in addition, even today, packaging remains a powerful means of communication in the marketing of the food sector, since it represents a sort of “identity card” of the products, which each customer can consult and which can consequently modulate food choices and condition, buying one product rather than another. Just think about the graphics, images and colors used that are “winning” if, in addition to reflecting the characteristics of the brand, they allow the foodstuff to stand out from the others in order to be easily identifiable on the shelf.

To entice the customer to purchase, packaging includes mandatory information such as those established by EU Regulation 1169/2011 including product name, list of ingredients and nutritional declaration, but is often enriched with additional information such as indications nutritional or health benefits (Regulation 1924/2006) which give the food particular beneficial properties, or again other unregulated claims that can attract the attention of those about to make the purchase.



The packaging represents the interface of food products and has wide visibility and diffusion. The space available on the food packaging can be used to convey information that goes beyond the simple description of the product contained in it, and that can train the consumer on his food choices, thus transforming the role of packaging from exclusively informative to formative.

So in recent years, the typical information on the pack has been accompanied by advice on how to combine that particular product with other foods to create a balanced meal.

But… much more can be done, such as using a food package to suggest how many portions of a food group should be consumed within a week, or the consumption of a portion of a particular food in terms of physical activity.

Packaging as a communication tool is exciting but at the same time really complex. This is why it is necessary to rely on industry experts, always available for the companies that want to emerge thanks to targeted and effective packaging.


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