Thinkers- About us

Thinkersoup is an Italian creative agency specialized in packaging design for fruit & vegetables.

About Us.

We are a team of designers, packaging experts and marketing consultants.

We create graphic solutions for any type of packaging and any produce, both fresh and processed. We are supporting agricultural producers and packagers to enhance their produce, to communicate their corporate values and the sustainability of their packaging.

We study innovative packaging solutions in shape and materials to protect the quality of the package contents.

We develop communication strategies to make the produce memorable on the shelf.

We care about our planet, always recommending the best sustainable materials.

We elaborate brand identity, market research and social media campaigns to make companies increasingly competitive and able to propose an offer up with the times, to conquer over more consumers.

Thinkersoup is a spin-off of SID – Scuola Italiana Design, and advanced instruction Institute founded in Padua in 1991. Our office is located inside StartCube, a start-up incubator sponsored by the University of Padua.

What we do.


We start from research and analysis to create an effective branding, visual design and packaging strategy.
We start within the company and continue in stores through analysis of the shelf and consumer interviews.



Naming, logo design and brand identity. Design for brand communication (business cards, letterhead, folders, brochure). Website content and social media campaigns.

Visual Design.

Graphic solutions for all types of packaging. The presentation starts from trend analysis in the geographical area of interest, ending with the complete packaging prototype.

New Concept.

We develop new packaging ideas. We design alternative solutions to satisfy latent needs and specific request of consumers, always in a sustainable and eco-friendly perspective.


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