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In these days we have been interviewed by ItaliaFruit News, one of the main web information italian portals for the fruit and vegetable sector, which wanted to deepen our approach to packaging design for fresh and processed produce.

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Packaging for fruit and vegetables, in the era in which we live, can also have an educational and social function: it can respond to the general need of consumers to be educated to the most correct behaviours to be performed at home.

Today only the most virtuous Municipalities and waste collection and disposal companies try to teach us the rules to make a proper recycling. However, sometimes leaflets and instruction booklets are not enough. Many people are not yet entirelly aware of the meaning of the word “compostable”. They do not therefore know for certain in which bin a packet of compostable material should be thrown.

“Is it in the wet waste or in plastic?”: this is the classic question that arises today.

ThinkerSoup, a creative agency specialized in packaging design for both fresh and processed fruit and vegetables, is working successfully in this field.

“Packaging, if according with certain rules, is not an enemy of the environment but a resource from an educational point of view. It can help to inform and involve the consumers themselves, who are the fundamental actors of the circular economy,” explains to Italiafruit News Alessandro Ferraresso, ThinkerSoup account manager.



“We believe that it is important for fruit and vegetable companies and retailers to launch the use of new compostable and recyclable green materials. But it is equally important to communicate this type of novelty on the packaging itself- continues Ferraresso – To stand out on the shelf you need to be effective, but also innovative. The term “compostable”, for example, should be made more understandable, because the consumer is not yet used to this word. The work of our creative agency develops precisely in this direction: we try to support producers, packagers, exporters and distribution chains in improving communication on fruit and vegetable packaging, at the same time providing 360-degree consulting services to guarantee high-performance packaging not only from the point of view of product conservation”.

“Together with our creative director Carolina Bezdikian we create graphic solutions for every type of packaging and for different materials, designed on the fruit and vegetable produce’s specific and designed on the peculiarities of each company – adds Laura Besutti, ThinkerSoup’s social media & communication manager – Based on requests, we develop new design solutions and new forms of eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. Each project starts from the dialogue with the customer in his own company headquarters, to collect the specific needs and know the packaging methods. Then a research about trend for the specific product is developed, as well as an analysis of the exposure at the points of sale to create an unique, recognizable and appealing package for the consumer.

We complete our services by proposing the management of campaigns on the social pages of companies, to better communicate the initiatives undertaken in terms of sustainability ”.



You can read the original italian interview by Daniele Bianchi for ItaliaFruit News here!


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